Bizarre Monsters

Bestiary of Fantastic Creatures Volume 1

Bizarre Monsters Bestiary of Fantastic Creatures Volume 1: Bizarre Monsters

The Bestiary of Fantastic Creatures is a small collection of uniquely illustrated creatures produced to be compatible with the format of traditional table-top role-playing games playable with paper and pencil. Volume 1: Bizarre Monsters, features 15 creatures complete with illustrations, statistics, descriptions, and campaign integrations. An OSR style manual of monsters filled with fiends and folios, suitable to be adapted to your dungeons and/or dragons.

A Rusty Dagger supplement, illustrated and written by Casey Sorrow.

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Staplebound, 40 pages.


Blood Crow Pages 4-6
Blunderpuff Pages 7-8
Bohx (Fire Oaf) Pages 9-10
Cacat (Beetle) Pages 11-13
Draito Pages 13-14
Ghait Pages 15-16
Invisible Gorilla Pages 17-18
Mock Dragon Pages 19-21
Pohke (Cattle) Pages 22-23
Rat King Pages 24-25
Sool Worm Pages 26-27
Thrage (Fish) Pages 28-30
Uzhu (Giant) Pages 30-33
Wired Corpse Pages 33-35
Wosix (Gas Imp) Pages 36-38